Wednesday, January 20

No Point At All .

its three in the morning . I'm awake . why ? i have no idea . i haven't had a normal sleeping pattern since freshmen year in high school . i cant pin point weather it was the subconscious stress of being a 'teenager' or the countless nights of late night phone conversations with the steady boyfriend i kept for two years . way to catch a girl in her coming out . asshole .

I'm watching Serendipity . love the title . hate the movie . I'm not a fan of the up and down back and forth chase me thing . it gets boring, predictable, and only makes me scream at the TV "Hurry up your about to miss her!!!" "Nooo ! He's coming ! Just wait a minute girl !!" . does he ever get there in time? does she ever wait? sure . a hour and some odd minutes later . -_-

we don't have any toothpicks in this house . me and my nephew have openly voiced this fact countless times and yet, we still don't have any . this normally wouldn't bother me . the toothpick thing but do you know what kinds of foods get stuck in your teeth ? .... ALL KINDS OF FOODS ! my next reminder will be via text message since that's the only thing they can seem to remember . their cellphones .

i hate being awake . maybe i should rephrase . thank you lord for allowing me to be awake BUT i hate being awake when i should be asleep . resting . why ? because i want to eat . not eat a meal and call it a night . i want to snack . the tasty Doritos . followed by a spoon and a pint of B&J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough . and a handful of white cheddar Cheez-Its to get rid of the sweet taste in my mouth ...

*gets out of her bed and heads to the kitchen . stops mid hallway, turns around, and walks back in room . paces back and forth a few times touching her stomach . flops back on bed and grabs laptop . shakes head .*

i need to go to sleep .



JStar said...

I feel you here...I have struggled with sleep apneia (SP?) for a lil over a decade...I would go to the doctors and see if they can help you out...I need to do that myself instead of self medication :)

RoByn LaTice said...

lol...Im the same way...except I probably definetly would hv made it to the kitchen. smh!

RiekaBaby said...

omg. thats my freakin life right now! i be up...ALL night...literally. I go from watchin Cosby show on Nick @ Dora on Nick Spongebob on Nickelodeon! Still freakin up!