Tuesday, January 12

I Only Use Pink Lotion .

as i stood there holding a conversation with my older sister about the difference between Yaki and Remy hair two females walked in seemingly at home in the beauty supply store with heads adorned with highlighter colored head scarves and pajamas on. they walked down a separate aisle and made their way back up the aisle we were on and began talking loudly about hair: texture, length, and color. as i looked at my sister and gave her the look to make our escape route one girl asked me "excuse me? what kind of hair do you use? your weave is nice with the curls and bangs." excuse me? weave? "i don't know why you asking her. she probably stuck up." girl number two said under her breath while rolling her eyes. its 2010, God please give me the strength to not slap this chick. I'm pissed off by this time. "its called genetics." POW ! Gwen - 1 , Girls -0

"OoOh really?! is that a new line or something?"

-_- really ?

as if that wasn't enough !

as we are in line the same two girls are in front of us. steady talking loud to be noticed, rolling their necks, and hi fiving in agreement about complete ignorant subjects. i don't think of myself as being better than anyone but damn. its bad enough your African American must you really act so ignorant and in public. but what took the cake was as girl number two talked about her babys father "bitching and moaning" about paying child support "because of his new bitch" rolls eyes. she goes on about how she is a "bad bitch" and shouldn't be seen at the social services office trying to get on welfare when she deserves the best. not her child deserves the best but she does. girl number one gives the regular ole "hm mm girl i feel you" and adds "all i know is that i miss getting paper food stamps so i could get the change back." and guess what happens next?

the infamous hi-five.




.MochaSista. said...

lmfao - dead .. me and both them bitches wouldve been scrappin! i dont tolerate that kind of mess... ur patience is greater than mine! lol

aimes said...

ridiculous. these are the types of females that wear the same color everything... from the plastic earrings to the plastic belt, shoe, and purse.

good comeback! POW!

Shay said...

lmfaooo . that genetics part was priceless !

RoByn LaTice said...

lol...yea those are just to ignant [yes ignant] broads!smh!

NeaeJones said...

i CANNOT TELL YU, how much this peeves me.
black women are HATED on thee most!
because of simple girls like them. we are disrespected, degraded and looked over because we are assumed to ignorant, weak sluts. IM SICK of it. black women have got to step it up for ourselves! yu kno?
hahah sorry.