Thursday, January 14

How Convenient .

I don't know if its this new health kick - take care of my body - regularly working out - eating right - yada yada yada hype that I'm on but when I saw the commercial for the New McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap .... *blank stare, shakes head*

To me that completely defeats the purpose of a snack wrap. If your going to eat the beef from a big mac in a tortilla with lettuce and cheese why not just go to Taco Bell AND pop open a bottle of thousands island dressing and add a squirt if you just need that 'secret sauce'.

Sorry Mickey D's. I'm just not sold.



Anonymous said...

I thought the same damn thing when I saw that commercial! Plus, it just looks

RoByn LaTice said...

Looks nasty to me. Who puts half of a burger on a tortilla? Ick!