Thursday, January 21

Live And Learn .

I don't consider myself a ride or die chick because like my girl Tashay Royal said i dont posess that "he can fuck around on me , but I'm going to always be right here." kind of attitude. that "I'm a ride whether he robbing a bank , selling drugs , and sitting behind bars for life." kind of attitude BUT I am a good woman. I'll stand by you, support you, help you out, and love you but I'm NOT going to break my pockets taking care of you or stand for any of the above.

*Gwen stretches out on the couch and crosses her legs*

I used to date this douche lord named ... Hmm let's call him Joe. In the beginning Joe seemed real legit. Good job, car, own crib. etc. Basically put on a good front. After our first date we spent a lot of time together. Started dating and everything was bueno. It always is in the beginning.

*rolls eyes and holds head with her hand*

About a month and a half into the relationship the excuses start. For instance Joe lost his job. Wait. That's not accurate. "My job is moving." So you don't have a job. "I'm just not working till they get moved in a month or two." So you don't have a job. "I have a job, I'm just not working it right now." You're getting no hours. You're getting no money. You don't have a job.

Joe decides he wants me to meet his family. We go and see his mom first. Moms and I are talking and enjoying Maury. "Want to see my room?" Your room? "Here it is" Your mom kept all your stuff in your room? "Well I do live here."

*tires screetch*

You told me you had your own spot... ? "Mm Ready to go see my aunt?" No ! I want you to introduce me to the well put together person I met at in and out burger.

*sits pretzel style and prepares to get down to It*

As times goes on I'm noticing all the confident answers are meaningless empty words and I suddenly don't need him for a damn thing. I don't sleep around. In fact I can count all my sexual partners on one hand with two fingers but it didn't take experience for me to know the dick was TRASH ! I'm talking not one orgasm licky licky or sticky sticky.

*sprawls out on the couch*

When your not being satisfied and coming out of pocket for EVERYTHING your patience is *snaps fingers* that short. I had no problem helping him out when he fell a little short but when you cant afford to keep gas in your own car, pay your cellphone bill, and trying to live like you can afford caviar on a cheeseburger budget you need to STOP ! and get your priorities in check. WITHOUT ME .


I get burnt out just talking about this waste of life form.

The icing on the cake was when we were driving from Joe's house in Sacramento to my house in Vacaville and we had to go to the gas station. Its five in the morning, I've had two hours of sleep, and I'm riding with somebody I can barely stand to be around let alone talk to. so when he knowingly put his debit card into the gas ATM, received NO money and got back in the car with NO gas I knew he was with the shenanigans. Joe has less than a fourth of a tank but decides to drive all the way to Davis when "Babe, you think I can borrow ten dollars to get some gas."

*blank stare*

Hell no you broke ass, erectile disfunctioning, loser ! And if I say no?

*immediately purses her lips, crosses her arms, and a big ass PSH !*

he exits the freeway and turns into the gas station. That's right! or I'll be walking to my damn house from Davis! I give him the ten dollars knowing he has no intention of paying me back because he hasn't even paid my MOM back the ten dollars he borrowed from her, or the sixty dollars he borrowed from my SISTER to send me flowers! None of which I knew about till after I kicked him to the curb. i mean this punk idiot knew he didnt have any money when we left Sacramento! dont act like the shit just hit you when we are potentially about to be stuck on the side of the road.

*sits up and leans forward shaking head. contemplates smoking a cigarette* not even a smoker.

Along with that ten dollars, I gave him the cold shoulder and swore to never give him the chance to be in my presence again. You Are The Weakest Link, Goodbye !

My thing is this: Don't start something your not going to continue throughout the relationship. Fuck impressing me the first date by opening my door, talking yourself up big to not have any of what you spoke of, and paying for the date or plural if your not going to continue with this type of treatment. And make sure you know that you know that you know what to do in the bedroom before you start kissing, touching, and getting a girl all worked up.

*rolls eyes, crosses legs, and folds arms*

It crossed my mind that maybe he was playing me but I am the spawn of a true life playa. Game recognize game and you looking kinda unfamiliar - Riley from The Boondocks



Shay said...

omg . i was reading this like " fuck outtah here " , " no he didnt " lol . seriously , these boys are played out and tired ! he was definitely a lesson learned . cross the bridge and move on . smh .

aimes said... dudes. i can't stand them. especially when at first YOU show no interest and they are adamant about taking you out. Unfortunately, I let this happen and ended up paying for myself AND his f-ing movie. seriously? GTFOH! Ugh... you shoulda slap the dog mess out of him for borrowing money from your sis to buy YOU flowers. weak. weak. weak ninjas get on my nerves! they say. you live. and you learn.

F and M said...

LOL! The sad thing is that kind of behaviour is not even surprising any more... Some guys are just jokers... I love the point about the definition of a "ride or die chick" though... My loyalty and love are not dependent on being an accomplice to crime, get the fuck outta here! Like I said, some men, right?

LOL @ the last line, though... These fools are definitely unfamiliar, feeling like the best thing since sliced bread... SMH

RoByn LaTice said...

lol, my bestfriend fucked with a dude like this before. Smh. Some dudes need to take time from the dating world to get there shit together instead of trying to bring another person in the fuckery they call life. Wont take care of a man just isnt my job..ever!

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Lol...Damn Those Posers....To Be Phoney About Ur Situation... Broke Annnnnnd To Have The Wack Sex Game....Oh Helllllllz No...Smh

JStar said...

I have BEEN here...Lies, lies and more lies...Then when the truth comes out, you are pissed at yourself for actually believing...This is why I am on the guilty until proven inoccent...and not the other way around...