Saturday, January 16

Im Contemplating ...

making a facebook .
yes ? no ?

yea, i know im hella late but i usually dont go along with crowds on crap like this. i mean really. social networking sites are only popular for so long before something new comes out and bam! there you are. eagarly giving all your information up to get your brand spanking new account and meet the world AGAIN ! ... damn. maybe i just answered my own question "no gwen. you should not make a facebook."

*whines* "but MySpace is boring now!"

2009 farewell MySpace . 2010 ello' facebook ?



Teesha said...

Facebook has it's pro's and cons of course like any other social networking site . i'm starting to get annoyed with all the event invites and all the other annoying bullish people can do lol .

Cook.ThePoet. said...

i like facebook bc u get connected wit ppl from the past quickly and also keep up w. friendsz. i have alotta ppl in my classes on fb so i get homework and ish from them lol & i have fam so it works out. its better than myspace too. more mature. u still have sum immature ppl but ehh, they cn always b deleted =]


Anonymous said...

Hey! :)
I opened a Facebook account about a week and a half ago (peer pressure). I don't do anything with it... no updates or anything. A few of my students, present and former, have already started messaging me, so I think my account will be deleted soon! Lol Only open one if you want to be found.

RavynRae said...

You should do it! Facebook gives you more privacy options && the networking opportunities are GREAT! Oh yeah && if you don't want to be "found" you can just set your account to where no one can search for you. I ♥ to play the games that they have on there too.

RoByn LaTice said...

it gets boring..i promise. and all the changes they are constantly making..kill me!