Wednesday, January 27

Did You ?

if you watch Teen Mom, like i do religiously, you would have seen the finale tonight when Tylor took Catelynn out to lunch and proposed to her... *awwww*
can i get one of these please?!
*big smile with hands clapsed, i promise ill be good !*
minus the baby and adoption delima .

i am SO ready for the Teen Mom reunion and the NEW season of 16 and Pregnant !!
*jumps up and down in her Ni Hao, Kai-lan feetie jammies*
DONT JUDGE ME . shes the ish !



aimes said...

...the second season is a definite "watch" for aimes here! I couldn't really get into Teen Mom though...

zodiac said...

haha! yes they are so cute and perfect together, i like how they make decisions together and are more mature thsn their own parents, and the new saeson of 16 and pregnant is gonna be FIRE! complete with baby bottles lol

RoByn LaTice said...

lmao Ni Hao, Kai-lan? Smh, my lil siter loves her so much! Anywho i never watched this show..but my friends are fans. I just cant seem to really get into it!

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

It Was Cute Watching Him Propose To Her And How Nervous He Was ...Tee Hee. I Wonder If Those Two Would Get Along As Well If They Kept The Baby Though. I Like Teen Mom/16 And Pregnant....It Makes Me See What I Dont Want To Go Through Right Now, Thats Saying Alot Because Im Wayyyy Past 16 And I Still Dont Want One Of Those "Baby Thingys" No Time Soon.

RiekaBaby said...

i freakin love that show...and dont tell nobody but i was lightweight bout to tear up when he proposed! Tyler is such a cutie, looks like an infant tho smh. cant wait for the new 16 and Preggy! lol