Sunday, April 11

Damn, Twitter Got Me !

Yes, I made one! after all my anti - twitterness ... *hangs head*
to be real, I only made it to follow Erykah Badu *nods head and smiles* but a lot of you special people have one too s0o0o0o0o, WinWin!

are you going to... follow me! :)

*shoutout to the Dopest Chick to ever pick up a Pen, Tzitzi!
for letting me pick her brain on a username lol.*

"ily my writing wife , aha !"



Shanel said...

I'm new to your blog... love your poetic writing... I chuckled about the twitter post.... I don't understand the hype but I understand wanting to connect with Erykah... I would too. I watched her video this weekend and wanted to connect with her... I love her most recent video and the message behind it...

Shay said...

Woo Hoooooo ! Welcome to the dark side :)

Asante said...

haha girl I know how you feel. I used to say I'd never get on Twitter.... but yea all it took was like 2 weeks of pressure from my bestie and I'm hooked!

aimes said...

HAHA *sticking tongue out* --- I told you you'd conform! lol! It's cool though... enjoy!

follow me @asforamy

Reggie said...

Nah I don't have a Twitter account, I'm still holding out.

Freckles said...

i wrote about this a while back and tried to fight it for a looooong time but I am on twitter too. Imma follow you.

thanks for coming by my spot too mama!!!

Preciate you.

Don said...

I thought the Twitter SN was nice, myself.