Tuesday, April 6

Poetic, World - MY State .

in My Poetic World there's a Depth with every Word used.
a Underlined Meaning with every Thought
that comes to Life on a piece of Paper.
I build My World through Experiences
and add touches of bliss.
things I cannot get in The Box,
the State,
the World puts Him,
and will fail to put I in.

I Create Magic
with just a look to the Sky, Inspiration.
and Beautiful Words that Flow from My Pencil.
I Touch everything with Light Touches,
so I do not disturb the process of Growth
that Every Beautiful Thing Deserves.
I Understand that nothing is Perfect but Here,
there is Nothing Worth Hating.
even through Mistakes and Troubles,
everything steady Shines.
everything stands Tall and Proud
and although Very Different,
fits perfectly.

In My Poetic World
I'm Seen for Spirit and Soul.
I'm Understood for the Experiences I Share,
the Burdens that I bared,
that never Hindered me because
Poetic, World
was there.

In My Poetic World I Write With No Barriers.
No What If's.
No Discrimination.
I Write What I Feel and What I See.
This Is My Poetic World.
The World That Has No Limitations.
The World That Sets You



RoByn LaTice said...

This is nice! Um, i just went and downloaded every song that is on your playlist [that I didnt already have].... I LOVE LOVE LOVE " Bring me flowers" and "Gravity." Your playlist always makes me stay a little longer! :)

Shay said...

Love itttt !
Nothing more to say .

Don said...

*shakes head*

Where did you learn to pen your expression like this? Your profoundness is like ammunition or something. Filled with gun powder. Hittin' hard. Then you hold the ability to reload so quickly.

Charismatic prose.


Tzitzi said...

"I build My World through Experiences
and add touches of bliss."

:) I like!

"In My Poetic World I Write With No Barriers."

Um...marry me? lmao jp

I"m a fan.

JStar said...

I am speechless! Love it!