Thursday, April 22

I'm Always Pretty TRUTH-ful .

1. Awhile ago my friend Keisha introduced the idea of Tumblr to me and of course I rejected leaving blogger. I thought this was the coolest site ever... until I read someones blog and found out blogger is soooo 3 years ago LOL. woah! ... i'm super late.

2. I watch Roseanne religiously every night. she's hella funny!

3. I've realized many people who read my blog don't know me and never will. I could put my life in words and post it but they will always have their own expectations and opinions of me.

4. I don't make friends because no matter how hard I try they don't stimulate me on various levels. I think of a friendship as no different from a relationship. It takes time, trust, being fun as well as serious, communication, chemistry, and commitment. so as of now not many people have the title.

5. I saw Lauryn Hill's most recent picture on and I felt as though my prayers might be answered that she may come back and Educate, Mentally Relieve, and Effortlessly Entertain us with her music.

6. I hate when people try to force their beliefs on you about anything. period.

7. I gave in and flat ironed my hair... damn should've gave the Chi away...

8. Yesterday I really experienced and appreciated Twitter while taking a walk.

9. When i'm really feeling a song i'll play it Over and Over. lol
Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long

10. I love baked goods. cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cake, CARBS! lol

Something I don't like:

when men/women say that all men/women are the same. fareal? have you met or dated every man/woman? gosh if I had a dollar for everytime I heard this.

stay tuned for the story of how I lost two followers.. I have a feeling I might lose a lot more after the next post... but I can't apologize for being Honestly ME.



aimes said...

...ERYKAH stays on constant replay! My favorite? "I'm a recovering undercover over lover...." <#

...anywhoooo your real followers will continue to stick with you and stay for the same reasons they pressed that follow button. I lost one, too. I would rather keep a group of folks that enjoy me for me!

--love ya! -aimes

RoByn LaTice said...

i made a Tumblr blogger better though.I think Roseanne is HILARIOUS...but I never say tht!i hate when ppl push their beliefs on me too..or irritates the hell out of me. " I know you gotta get yo hustle gone baby, gone baby, dont be long!" LOVE that song! This was interesting.

Dee Lilly said...

do you mind if I quote number 4 on fb?? cuz thats how I feel just cant put it as eloquently...i struggle with writing a lil bit lol...I will give credit to you and post your blog link

but anyways I like the honesty...and if people stop following oh well right? some people cant handle the truth

Poetic_Butterfly said...

number 4 is my favorite because it's so true that an important lesson in life, some people must earn their title with you ... especially with friendship and relationship, keep being you and writing