Monday, April 5

"These violent delights have violent ends."

He was always told
he'd be a Star,
every coaches favorite.
He never complained,
about running the laps
for he knew they were just the basics,
and that when in the Game
the muscles he built
would help make him so much better.

He awed all the crowds
as he shot and shot,
made it,
and more than likely got the steal.
the girls went wild
they oohed and awwed
and wished one day to date him.
little did they know
One girl sat below
wearing a content and sweet smile,
She knew He was Hers and She was His too
They were going to go mile for mile.

They shared bright days
and handsome nights
that they never wanted to end,
complimenting Each other perfectly
outside and in.

She was always there for Him
through Any and Everything
and no matter where He was
She was on her way.
to a game, a date
to dinner, or just to chill
to buy a gift, to sit by Him
in the crowd cheering.
She was the Ying to His Yang
His Right to Her Wrong
and they felt Together They were Strong.

sirens blared and yells were heard
the cops where on their way,
the ambulance wailed
trying to think of a way,
to break through traffic that day.
the sky was grey
No sunshine
it was even really Cold,
this was the day Antwan Died
not Body but his Soul

to see Her laying in his arms
blood seeping from the wound,
he sees Her Tears
fall from the eyes
hes always loved to look into.
if only He could go back in time
from when the trigger was pulled,
acted a little quicker
dove in front of Her
did something to make this better,
to stop the Pain
from making Her body shiver

He lost The One
He truly Loved
there would be No Replacing Her,
along with Her
He Died as well
Never to be the same,
He longed to Love Her
just One more time
in that Special Way,
but even Romeo and Juliet still would've Died
in a hood tragedy.



Traci Lavette said...

That's beautiful...

Shay said...

I seen that whole scene in my head girl .

RoByn LaTice said...

Yes, wonderful imagery in this piece! This was just so beautiful...

JStar said...

Beautiful tribute!!! Love lost...But the love will never leave...