Wednesday, April 14

Never Thought I'd Have To Write A Post About This...

so lately I have been getting some static about my recent poetry posts. whats wrong with them? <-- my exact thoughts. apparently, my poems "don't make any sense", are "unidentifiable", and a few other not so nice things.


I honestly dont know what to tell all you who have reached out and mentioned this to me. I write for myself and my readers are a apart of who I am and with that being said i've never doubted they wouldnt be able to
"understand" my work.

*i thought this would be pretty obvious anyway, with the personality i have*

feel free to hit me on Facebook or Twitter to talk about anything you read on my blog. complaints, personal thoughts/opinions, my personal thoughts/opinions, or shiiiiiiiit just to chop it up! :)

am i losing my touch..?



Shanel said...

I'm new to your blog... but never think you're loosing your touch... your creativity... your words... are yours alone... don't let criticism from those who don't get it.... affect you...

Shay said...

Uhhhh ... You know how I feel ! I LOVE YOUR WRITING . And I remember my cousin telling me when I was nervous about joining spoken word at my school " It's your thoughts ! No one can tell you that they're right or wrong " So with that said take it as constructive criticism and keep on going .

But as a member of your blog family I adore your poems . Plain and simple .

RoByn LaTice said... ma'am you are nt losing it. I understand and cn relate to most of your work..and i think all of your poems are well written and beautiful. If they cant understand the words..they need to fault themselves.

Ro said...

Just remember you write for YOU...and we come here to read what YOU are thiinking...

If they dont understand it...then they can ask...if thst not enough. let them move around.
Keep doing you . Its beautiful!

Don said...

Never losing your touch. I believe poetry is in the eyes of the beholder. So, that's pretty much self-explanatory.

You are a very very good poet.

Tzitzi said...

I agree with Shanel.

You are not losing anything.

People need to understand that Poetry isn't simple. Sure, it can be, but..its not always. It's a mixture of metaphors that a lot of people just do not know how to cipher. And that's alright. Just because one person doesn't understand the hidden meaning, that doesn't mean you lost anything G. I love your writing. A lot of people do.

Criticism only makes you build and shape your craft. It's def good, though some people can get a bit unnecessary sometimes - and when they do, just ignore that shit homie.


JStar said...

Girl, shake off the haters....Do you, and I will appriciate....Write for YOU, and no one else...I am honored you are sharing!