Friday, April 2

It's Been Great Blogspot.

I'm nearing 100 followers...

*bites nail*


*spins around in computer chair laughing and squealing*

when I first started blogging it seemed like getting even one follower was going to be a challenge, what to write, what audience to appeal to, be myself or be commercial, and any number after was just going to be luck. nearing 100 is truly a blessing. even more exciting than I imagined it to be. I guess its true what they say about having no expectations because this is frickin awesome!!

*huge smile plastered on face*

I have met some of the Greatest people and read from the Greatest minds! if I could just live near a few of you, ahhh it'd be too awesome to be legal! (:

many people start off blogging to share their life, express their feelings, and so forth but while we all start off for a reason and with a purpose, you can walk away with so much more IF you open yourself to anything and everyone. with the honorable privilege of meeting amazing people, I have found myself through my blog and I just simply, from the bottom of my heart want to Thank Everyone that has chosen to take the journey with Me and take the time to get to know The Real Me as well. (Facebook) it has been such a wonderful experience and I couldn't have asked for more by just being accepted and appreciated by you guys!

All My Love,

Gwen .


if you've been wondering where all the regular posts have gone, this month I along with some other special folks have decided to participate in April Poetry Month where for the full month of April it will be a poem a day. don't worry though my loves, the posts will be back after April... possibly a few throughout the month. going to stay with me? (:


Anonymous said...

Of course I'll stay with you! :) Congratulations on your blog nearing one hundred followers!!!! *Big Hug*

Tzitzi said...

I'm wit ya!

I like. :)

RoByn LaTice said...

Girl...the title of your post just scared the hell out of me. Thought you were shutting your blog down...*sigh of relief*! :)

Traci Lavette said...

Much deserved, girl...much deserved! A lot of these blogs seem so superficial, but you came correct with yours, so reaching 100 and beyond is not surprise to me.

I'm with RoByn...I thought you were planning to shut down. But you got too many people wanting to hear what you have to say - and that's a good thing.