Sunday, April 11

No Cool Title .

its a everyday addiction,
this thing I feel.
born to Fly like birds who Soar in the sky
to ultimately end up High, on Cloud 9.

its a movement in many ways.
a dance of Laughs, Cries, and Smiles,
that caress me.
engulfs me completely
to gently rise.

its a Game
I have to strategically play,
getting inside the others head.
hating to love the Mystery.
but with each look
free falling.

it's a book never written.
the stories untold.
Ink or Lead never laid on Paper
nothing to behold.
its truth never considered lies.
mortal eyes never comprehend.




gor(jess). said...

loved thissss.

thanks for the comments ;

btw do you have a twitter?

add me : simpllygorjess
or facebook: Jessica Salazar Bosch

its so hard to really communicate thru this blogger crap lol

Reggie said...

Very nice Gwen.

Freckles said...

its truth never considered lies --- LOVE THIS.

very true and I can so dig it.