Saturday, April 17

Don't Worry, I Didn't Say Your Name Sista.

I think you should know that the self righteous look doesn't look good on you.

I agree, which is why I don't wear it.

you come off like you're so humble and blessed to be liked by so many other bloggers on blogger but let's be real, its a act. nobody can be that happy about anything. especially people you don't know.

I guess you have yet to experience complete fulfillment from.. anything! because I am beyond blessed and humbled by every last person that takes the time to read and comment my posts. I don't know these people? I know they're minds and hearts. if that's not knowing someone then I don't know myself.

some of your material isn't half bad but then you write stuff that is just out in left field and nobody understands it. you're trying too hard to be deep and its a complete fail!

how can expressing myself be a failure? you didn't consider yourself failing when you felt the need to express your opinion, and I don't consider you having failed by not getting under my skin because you were searching for a reaction and I'm sure when you read this post you will have your own (:

"its all love Beautiful. I appreciate you telling me how you feel about my written works. while I don't agree with all you have said or even liked some of it, I respect it. a individual is nothing without individual thoughts. Blessings."



aimes said...

In life, there will ALWAYS be people that want you to fail. You need them to keep you motivated. To those folks who feel it necessary to write such rubbish, let them keep talking. Apparently you're doing something right sweetheart!

<3 aimes!

Tzitzi said...

Kill her with kindness. Word.
People worry entirely too much about how other people are, knowing that when worrying themselves shows something a little..ha, left field about themselves.

Freckles said...

i respect your flow mama. I love the honest tactfulness in your apporoach. Middle finger to her and thanks for taking the time to read and feel the desire to share. Boo for her. DO YOU! I love it.

Shay said...

So basically Amy & Tzitzi took the words right out of my mouth .

I'm glad you didnt stoop down to her level and showed you are much bigger than that . Smh . & I love with you said about knowing the hearts and minds of your bloggers . Because thats the most important thing .

Traci Lavette said...

You did it the right way, Baby girl. So sad that she felt she needed to go on the attack like that. Shoulda went Dave Chappelle on her though "Should-I-attack- Black?!" LOL! handled it though. Keep up the good work! I'm sure she'll be back and will continue reading - even her dedication and be seething wondering if WE know who SHE is. Ha!