Thursday, April 15

No Game, No Lines.

I know this Flower
essence of a Nubian power
a Beautiful creation my thoughts,
soul Trust,
and True Love is willing to devour
may I shower a sense of Reconsideration
though I might be in the waiting,
Patience is a Virtue
so call my humbleness Love in the making.



Gloria known as Gigi♥ said...

I love this!
your words just flow with exactly how i feel!
keep being you girly :)

Tzitzi said...

"essence of a Nubian power"

I missed your blog. I don't know why the hell my reader doesn't pick up all the text :(

"so call my humbleness Love in the making."

I fucks with you!!!!! Lol
(Not sure if they say this where you live, lol...but its a good thing! thats dope G!)

JStar said...

Love it girl!!!