Friday, April 2


i'm sorry. I could never be no Puppet.
dangling from little strings, a team telling
me where to go, when to eat, how to be
all about Image, i'm damned i'm a Woman
sex sells, but i'm a Publicity Virgin
cast me out if you have to, i'll make it
i'm a True Artist, gimme a palette i'll Create It.
I can't be fake, so why'd I sign
the Industry? my True Art? Compromise
picking and choosing what they want to hear
i'd Never underestimate my audience's ears.
they say they're trying to Mold me, into what? I ask
some classy looking video chick, where the first thing they say about me,
a Person,
is "damn you see that ass?"
sorry Nicki didn't mean to diss you
I mean are you a Facade or is this the Real You?
they all "entertain" but there's just one issue, i'm not trying to stay Top 10 visual
I wanna be #1 to millions Mental, Spiritual
sharing my words Vulnerable
I guess that's why I write, 100% Individual.



Melanie! said...

Hey! this is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! I'm definitely following u :-)


Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE.................................................

Don said...

I just spoke on Mainstream's desire in the previous comment, and I will be damned if you didn't sum it up with this post.

Mental, Spiritual, sharing your words an Individual.

I feel you.