Monday, April 19

Who Is That Girl ?

So uhm, I feel like I should've did this in the beginning but I wanted my words to manifest in your brains and let you create your own image of me. I had no expectations in doing this but luckily for me it worked out for the best.

did I mention I love you guys?

I've shared my personal experiences and given you my sarcastic side notes, but i've never really divulged who I am as far as beliefs, personal life, music, religion, dreams, goals, random facts, and whatever else you might want to know so, my next post will be about this one chick Gwen Thomas aka Pennanddpaperr.

*I've already received some emails and a few Facebook messages asking me to speak on certain topics in my opinion so I'll be touching on those... and whatever You! would like me to. just leave a comment on this post, FB message me, or hit me on Twitter*



Ro said...

Sup' Gwen ...
Although I feel like I know you....Im happy you decided to do this. cant wait!

Shanel said...

yep great idea... i love your writing so learning more about you is the icing on a delicious cake:)

zodiac said...

you are gorgous, and i've always liked your blog, no matter whatyou spoke about but anyway what's your twitter (i finally got one lol) and i'll hit you up