Friday, April 16

Where Are All The Good Ones ?

There was Kenny..
somehow he got hooked up with the girl I called my best friend,
That fucked with my then "man",
I was with,
for two years.
I still remember her red hair.
Horse teeth, body,
but since she was a white girl, Outrageous.
gifted mind,

ignorant acts.
The Gift in me before spoken words.

Then there was Josh..
came in swangin em'
And your voice,
Sing to my Ears,
That you love,
Release thoughts that have accumulated over the days.
And you really listen, and I really care.
Man I should've kissed u that night we sat on the couch,
Just chilling.

victim of Love, He.
too good for many,
unappreciated by few,
still believes The One,

Met Chris..
at a park.
bricking shots.
Still claims that was a bad day.
Good day since we met each other,
and the party later was Live!
spent a whole night,
off of drink and smoke,
minds not there,
bodies in the same bed,
and didn't do nothing but.

Jay came around later.
a woman's dream but since I am a Goddess,
wasn't impressed.
talked about the sexes
that walk our Earth and we messed with.
dropping much needed and ignored knowledge.
hooked him up with my Best friend,
they're Solid.
treats her like a Queen,
I knew he would from the,

I'm friends with them..



Don said...

Mad flavor in each piece.

Too funny @ still claims that was a bad day.

Shanel said...

oh girl i love this poem.... you've had some good ones i think.... the "one" is so hard to find.