Friday, April 23

"You Are Not Who I Thought You Were."

when I hit about 50 followers on blogger a few special ladies stood out from the group. they took the time to talk to me, comment faithfully, shout me out, award me, and all the other wonderful blog perks. well, along with Shay, RoByn, Amy, Miss Traci, and Keisha there was another beautiful middle aged woman. beautiful writer, appreciator of my written works, and most importantly a mother. her sixteen year old daughter was a vigilant reader of mine and although she didn't have a blog she kept up with me through her gmail or her mothers blog account. thank you! if you ever get the chance to read my words again..

as many of you know, Tuesday was 4/20. National Weed Smoking day. point blank, i participated. *gasp!* yes, Gwen is Herbal Appreciator. we'll get back to that in a minute. the daughter and mother were both following me on Twitter... until 4/20. apparently what i was saying was not "responsible" or "lady like" so she took the liberty to write me, shun me, and stop her daughter from following me on twitter and blogger.

now I'm not one to get between a mother and her child because i just wasn't raised that way but i would like to express myself on the subject because i don't feel as though i did anything wrong.

i make it a point to respect any ones reading preferences by having a adult content warning on my blog. i protect my Tweets on Twitter not because I'm trying to hide anything but because i want anyone who wants to be on either page to be sure of the choice they are making. i am a young woman with a lot of opinions, thoughts, and feelings. i am going to disappoint, anger, make proud, and anything else with my words. i am still a kid! i don't call myself a role model because that really is a heavy burden to bare and I'm not perfect. i don't like to brag about myself but one thing i can say with a straight face and you will never have to question, imma say whats on my mind. i have never edit myself, even growing up sitting in 6th grade when i told the girl in front of me that "it isn't polite to roll your eyes when people make a mistake while reading. not everybody is capable of being trained." almost 7 years later, i still do the same. sitting in Econ class talking about typical teenage nonsense like weed, parties, and sex but at the drop of a hat educating about Our Ancestors, the meaning of life, and politics.

"You made a choice to follow me because you thought i was a good role model for your daughter but i think you failed to realize I'm not too much older than your daughter and that maybe one of the reasons she enjoys my writing so much was that she could harmonize with me. she didn't feel judged for feeling the same things i wrote about, she silently agreed with me from her side of the computer, and when we talked she was herself. if you expect me to apologize for what i said on 4/20 and the days following, I'm not going to. that would be me apologizing for being me and i will never apologize for being the only Real thing i know how to be but i will say, in no way was i ever glamorizing my actions or trying to sell my ideals to anyone especially your daughter. i appreciated you two following me and i do miss your presence as followers. feel free to come back anytime."

coming later... my personal thoughts on Marijuana, Religion, Relationships, Love, Cheating, Friends, Education, and my take on myself personally.



Tia's Real Talk said...

Just like with anything, you take the good with the bad. I would hope that the "mother" has no ill feelings towards you and that she realizes that she needs to guard hers a little more carefully. I can almost guarantee that she is still stopping by, you just don't know it. ;)
You did right. When you click that button, you never know what awaits on the other side. Nice read girly.

RoByn LaTice said...

I have a good idea of who the mother is...wonderful woman. But regardless, It is not your job to be a role model. The fact that your a "Herbal Appreciator" does not change all the beautiful words you have written throughout this blog. It doesnt make you any less intelligent...or "lady-like". As long as your not pushing her daughter to try it;being a "bad influence". I think it was a bit harsh to unfollow you..and tell her daughter to do the same.Smoking does not change that you are an intelligent young isnt going to make her daughter go hit a blunt. It isnt going to change your words from being inspirational.

The way you handle some situations, your outlook on most aspects of life, even makes me look up to you..and I'm older,lol!Please continue to do you Ms. Gwen! And like the woman above..I'm sure the mom will still stop by every once and a while. I hope so! :)

Dear "Mother/Daughter":
Please dont judge Gwen on one aspect that you dont agree with in her life. Her smoking is not going to affect you or your daughters life in any way. If you dont smoke..continue with that.It sounds to me like your expecting her to be perfect. How is it right to expect perfection from anyone when we are not perfect ourselves?!

Shay said...

I think the problem with the human race is we expect too much from other people without taking in the fact that we are HUMAN . Your decision to be a Herbal Appreciator only makes you that , human . But like Tia's Real Talk said you have to talk the good with the bad . When we decide to put our personal thoughts on the web and allow strangers into our lives you never know what to expect .

I love your blog Gwen & I love the fact that you are a Herbal Appreciator ! Lol . It makes you normal in my eyes .

Shanel said...

this is your space to write what you feel.... don't make any apologies... write what's real... and whatever you want....those who appreciate your honesty and insite will continue to follow you... and more will come to replace the ones who leave... but please don't changed based on anyone's response.

Tzitzi said...

I agree with damn near everyones comment. Especially Robyn's. This almost pisses me off, lol.

I think that was a dumb reason to un-follow you G.

Never apologize for being you. Thats what your supposed to do. If people don't like it..

well then, they can fuck off.
Point _____.