Thursday, April 1

Whenever, Wherever

I Write In My Bathtub.
where the water is hot and my words can only sink to the bottom before
they rise and float and find Me.
I think that's what they call Weight.
my words carry much.

I Write On The Toilet.
as I let waste pass, i'm letting new words Bless these Pages.
before, I didn't have much to say
now i'm working on Words worth engraving.
catch me walking around town,
big brown eyes
"hey Gwen, I remember when you said this...

I Write In The Car.
words jumbled up, writing ugly up close and afar.
what can I say, I gotta show it.
put it out on Paper, let it flow from my hearts home
hope later I can decipher, these words I wrote

I Write Standing Up.
no time to prep or be comfortable.
do or die, now or never.
not that serious? or you're not that clever
Energy flows up
i'd hate to have ignored them Words and they'd been Best Sellers.

I Write Sitting Down.
where I can feel up and feel around
tossing here, tossing, there, but these Words Stay Bound.
no shaking hands, most of the time no distractions,
my Paper, Me, and Pen
the Best Interaction.

I Write In The Kitchen,
Hungry for new ways to Replenish
what Water couldn't give me Eternal Refreshment
I guess it's Mental.
Writing my Meat, Feelings my Bread, Ink my Drink.
this ends Well Fed.



Tzitzi said...

"Words worth engraving."

I like your writing :)

"I Write In The Kitchen,
Hungry for new ways to Replenish" Yeaaaaah! Your sick in the best way.

Are you celebrating April poetry month? Just wondering. I like your thoughts.

And I'm seriously on your page right now...just listening to this playlist for like the umphteenth time. haha

RoByn LaTice said...

"Writing my Meat, Feelings my Bread, Ink my Drink.
this ends Well Fed."<---i LOVE this line. Your poems always leave me thinking on a deeper note...maybe thats why I love them so much! They have many layers to them..:)!

Shay said...

Yes . Yes . Lovedd it :)

Don said...

THIS is the one!

The one that caused me to refer to your writings as young Fiyah.