Friday, April 9

My Written Evolution .

*poetically firm*

ima Cum Deep.

ima make my words Cream written mind blowing fantasies.

Woah! far out freak.


had me throwing em back before we got

back to her crib, where i was just

dropping her off...

before she invited me


*hangs head*

*exaggerated pause*

sorry didn't mean to leave you hanging.

thats just kinda how it felt when she was doing this thing called play plus 4...

*obviously lying*

and i wasn't into that shit!

i was looking for something Quick

and just wanted to


My Seed!

*firm yet touching*

somebody has to Nurture this Generation.

Learn to Understand this Generation.

because every one of yal,

was once This Generation.



Ro said...

I started snapping my fingers.
NO seriously. I love it. very very nice. insightful....

Shay said...

This was really good Gwenn !!!!

RoByn LaTice said...

Im with Ro!
I had to back step and start over...

"ima Cum Deep.

ima make my words Cream written mind blowing fantasies."

This right here? Love at first! :)

JStar said...

Great write!

Don said...

Nice, nice, nice.

I wish I wore a hat as I read it. I'd kindly take it off to you.