Saturday, April 3

Dear__ 10 - 1

Remember, the 10 to 1 is basically writing down the 10 things I wish I could say to 10 different people but...cant, won't or just haven't. And I don't say who they are :)

1. To the guy that holds my heart without his conscious hand, I love you. Luckily i'm not saying names... although silk, the many cocooned feelings are daring to break open and well, I just can't deal with the butterflies.

2. To my giggle buddy. i'm aware behind your jokes you love me, in a way that I will never give you the chance to, openly. I guess I should one day tell you sorry..

3. To a immature, insecure, unaware shell of a being, i'm convinced your life is slowly falling apart and you can't handle it. I always think why don't you ask for help? and quit thinking any word you don't want to hear is attacking.. but Janet said it best "she's just not ready."

4. To a new found interest, i'm playing it cool. I think you are too. That is all.

5. To the only person I have ever been able to commit myself to, do right by because I always wanted to... always felt I didn't have to try to... and only needed to. you are the best! there is no one else that can even slightly compare. seven years strong!

6. To the one that didn't care to stick around, i don't blame you. sometimes it is better to leave the cards where they lay... or in our case the bowdys where they loiter and the swishers behind the counter. we will always have parking lots.

7. To the emerald eyes of a mystery, when will you tell me what you want from me? if we played Scrabble would you at least spell it out for me?

8. To the beautiful glasses wearing mother of one, that saw me for what I really am, you helped me find myself when I was unaware of where to look.

9. To the makers of Don't Mess With The Zohan , shoot yourselves. *this counts, I didn't say and don't know the douche lord names!*

10. To the giver of my life, that luckily didn't have to push my over sized head out of something lemon size, know that you are my heart and all the vessels that are connected. you keep me going.

Sincerely, the amnesia having young woman that will never utter the names to who she has addressed all real feelings To.



Tzitzi said...

Love the signature too!

Tzitzi said...

"To the emerald eyes of a mystery, when will you tell me what you want from me? if we played Scrabble would you at least spell it out for me?"

I like!!!

Glad you did this. :)

RoByn LaTice said...

lol...I was def going to put the same thing as I have to change it a bit! #7! I LOVE! Spoke directly to me about someone in my life.In fact I'm changing it to my fb when you see it..dont be shocked. K? lol! This was nice...!

Traci Lavette said...

I'm liking this...might have to do one myself. Uh...yeah...I think so. Gotta go think a bit ;-)