Saturday, April 24

Teen Life Crisis .

yep. ^ that's what I call it. why? because I'm nowhere near Mid-Life duh. lol
but the fact steady remains, I've been tripping!

i'm turning nineteen May 26 and while I should be making plans... or friends... to go out celebrating with i'm too busy having anxiety attacks, crying, and imagining myself sliding down that age 'hill.'

Wooddy said I'm 21 so if yur feelin old i'm feelin like a grandpa... good one! but its not the feeling old part, that's just me not getting enough sleep lol, it's the getting old... i don't wanna! *pouts*

i was suuuper geeked to turn eighteen.

shiiiiiit i was in the club like to the windooooooow to the waaaaaallll!! and then three a.m. hit, McDonald's filled my stomach, and the sheets and pillows seduced me. i took a shower too. more weekends like that, school, the gym, work and BAM! May 26 is quickly approaching AGAIN! TF?!

*thinks of something else to say on the subject... *crickets*

damn, i need to lay off Twitter. (TF?) -___-



Dee Lilly said...

LMao! I turned 19 in october and I'm so upset that i'm bout to be 20...I enjoyed being a Teenager and Hoselty I wish I could do it can't be as crazy in your 20's you know?

RavynRae said...

OMG! Only 19!?! Your soo blessed to have such wisdom. I've been having a fit about turning 21 but my b-day is wayy in October.