Monday, April 5

Speechless .

today as I sat Indian style on the living room floor eating Cap'n Crunch Berries, watching Little Bear on Nick Jr, and fitted in my purple feetie jammies .. don't judge me lol .. I was checking in with my blogspot family. ya know reading every bodies thoughts, feelings, and vital information when Blog Award by Don at caught my attention. *if you haven't checked out his blog and clicked Follow, HOW ARE YOU LIVING LIFE?! seriously.*

anyway, I mosied my way on to his page and got immersed in reading his Beautifully written thoughts, unaware how in a few short seconds I would be left ...speechless. he took the time to have his daughter read through his blog list *list of blogs the writer takes special interest in and recommends to others* and write down the ones she liked. well me being a newbie to his eyes, I never expected to even be mentioned let alone given such a ... Mind Blowing compliment.

"I recently came across this young sista's blog through Traci and, let me tell you, she is pure FIYAH. I am a unapologetic lover of Assata Shakur, the way she expresses herself so vigilant and yet completely intelligent manner. I believe this sista to be a younger version of Assata, herself." - Don

may I quickly say, before the waterworks, that I am on cloud 9! I am Too Amazed, Happy, Humbled, Overjoyed, and Honored right now. all I could do, besides reading it multiple times as I was sure it would disappear from what I was convinced was a dream, was cry, laugh, jump up and down, and try to wipe my eyes faster than the tears could gush. I was close to the living room entertainment center and I'm accident prone lol. many thank you's to Don and his daughter and of course every last beautiful person that has taken the time to read my words, follow me, and talk to me personally. every last one of you means So much to me and because I know I can't find the words to describe how you make me feel, I won't even attempt.

just know, I LOVE YOU !



RoByn LaTice said...

You def deserve this! & every word he said!

RavynRae said...

You deserve it! Congrats!! ♥

Daij said...

I agree you deserve it! and I LOVE Jean Grae