Saturday, April 3

Scene: Now.

this Music today is nothing more than Nonsense to Beats that control our heads to nod with them.
that keep us Limited to what Good Music is by making it Hard for Real Lyricist to get In.
forcing those who are Non-Conformists to be cast out as if they are Not Worthy.
making it Hard for Desires to ever end their Journey
and start their Climb to Public Stardom.
Adored by many who are Familiar to them,
but don't feel them.

i'm Not complaining.
okay I Am, but i'm just saying!

can we get somebody who's not just into making Hits and being the Shit.
but taking me on a Journey of Lyrical Description.
that can Change my Mind.
reverse my sigh and let me get High off the Rhyme
Not completely slaughtering the Genre that I grew off of,
putting my expectations in a box and clouding my mind of options.

maybe I should start Rapping.
attacking the Art as if i'm famish,
trying to make a point of whats Real and Artificial.
introducing ya Mind to New points and Ideas.
keeping you Interested in the Real World.
make no Mistake.
this isn't about Hate,
but a quick Thought of what We consider Real Music Today.



RoByn LaTice said...

If you were a "rapper", I'd buy your cd! I love that your doing the poetry month!

Tzitzi said...

"reverse my sigh and let me get High off the Rhyme" wordddd gwen!
New Music in general is bullshit.

Iit's probably about a good handful of some "making sense" and deep rappers/singers, but thats about it. :-/

And it sucks when those REAL musicians that stimulate the mind just retire there pens and papers. Smh

Keep Writing G! :)

Don said...

Looks like my comment didn't publish.

I stated how there are more than a few rappers who still continue to drop science, but they will never be heard on the radio. I guess mainstream has all but decided on style over substance.

Yep. @ Adored by many who are Familiar to them,
but don't feel them.