Wednesday, April 28

A Day At Work.

- He paid me in dimes. $15.

are you fareal? I'M NOT SELLING DRUGS! why are you looking like a fiene counting change?! next time stop at the Luckys across the street and make friends with the Coin Star machine homes.

- She walked in and walked past me without saying "Hey" "Hi" or "Fuck You".

check it Taylor Swift, i understand you might not like me for whatever high school reason your brain has conjured up but before i Kanye West you, lets try at least being cordial. don't worry, i won't tell your pregnancy pact pals that you weren't being the normal high school douche. promise!

- "Can I get that in a bag."

YOUR MILK HAS A HANDLE! what the hell do you need a bag for?!

- six calls for six different items in six minutes. no lie.

now why couldn't you have called once and asked about all items. of course i would've had to put you on hold for awhile seeing how there is RARELY anyone on the floor in the evening except myself, but i would've got back to you as quickly as possible!

- They're plotting on me.

they want me outta there! my co-workers that is. they were caught on the end of aisle four by a customer plotting my demise.... lol i laugh at them urkels. i am not going anywhere anytime soon haters. so roll with me or get rolled over. i am here to put myself through school and for the customers how you doing!

- ..If you don't mind someone old enough to be your Papi.

older men and Mexicans adore me! i don't know if its because I'm a P.Y.T or they're just old horny dogs... ima evaluate this a little further.

-I bagged $167.62 in groceries ...

when she suddenly realized she had her Eco-Friendly bags. *blank stare* are you kidding me? *customers blank stare back* i don't want the plastic. well then you must be about to take all them damn groceries out of those plastic bags and put them in your own bags because my back is hurting, i should have been on break TWENTY MINUTES ago, and i'm the only one answering the phones and trying to deal with OCD SAVE THE PLANET WORK MY NERVES lady, You! "no problem."

i must scram now. lets see what happens today...



SinfulLyo said...

giiiirl, you're better than me. i'd have SET IT OFF in that bitch and quit with a bang!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

LMAO! Awwww! You just need a hug cause that seemed like a highly stressful day!

Also, please check out my new blog
Thanks! =]

{Mr. Wilson} said...

lol @ the last one... everyone has a work story like that...